Data Governance as a Service

Your Data Governance.  Identified.  Actioned.  Operationalised

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What Do We Deliver

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Better Visibility

Visibility of all of your critical data assets in a single location

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Interactive Dashboard

No more manual data interrogation to look for data privacy violations

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Actionable Insights

Automatically enforce data privacy policies across your data environment


Simplifying Data Governance Initiatives

Data Governance

Simply discover, catalogue and classify all data

Data Retention

Identify data outside of your retention policy, and take automated action

Compliance & Audit

Fast, simple, reporting to support regulations like GDPR

Privacy by Design

Automated policy controls for data privacy
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Data Governance, Delivered as a Service

Nephos' Smart Data Governance service operationalises four critical pillars of your data governance framework.

Step 1: Discover

Discover your critical data assets regardless of what they are (structured or unstructured) and whether they reside in the Cloud or on-premise.

Step 2: Catalogue

Automatically catalog and map sensitive & personal data with deep data insight, incorporating active metadata and classification.

Step 3: Classify

Leverage both pattern & ML based classification to automatically classify data elements, metadata and documents across any data source or data pipeline. 

Step 4: Action

Take action for data privacy and protection across your critical data assets.

Step 5: Remediate

Automate remediation for data governance policy violations

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