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The Importance of Good Data Governance

Organisations today are faced with a wide range of data governance challenges, risks and opportunities. Getting it right is critical because now more than ever, data is money and taking control of this vital resource increasingly separates success from failure.

Effective data-driven business strategies need good governance. The problem is, most organisations struggle to exercise the control they are looking for, and their data governance strategies hit some critical and expensive roadblocks.

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The Difference Maker

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Operationalised Data Governance

Operationalises data governance, to take the burden off your team.

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Discover Any Data, Anywhere

Delivers ubiquitous discovery and classification to take the guesswork out of data governance.

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Actionable Business Insights

Provides business insights and analytics to deliver actionable outputs for data governance.

Delivering on Data Governance

A proven delivery approach

Discovery & Classification

Discovery and Classification is the foundation of any successful data governance strategy.  It needs to be ubiquitous, working with all data regardless of what type of data it is and wherever it resides. 

Operationalise Data Governance

By delivering Data Governance as a Service, Nephos operationalises data governance, removes the operational burden and gives you the ability to focus on policy and process design.

Process Creation & Documentation

Nephos' integrated consultancy helps drive your ideas and objectives through to execution.  We work alongside your team to understand your needs, the people and processes needed to execute your strategy and the right best technology tools to ensure success.

Business Intelligence 

Nephos' DGaaS platform moves beyond raw data extracts and delivers tangible business outputs as the next phase in the evolution of data governance. 

Data Privacy & Enrichment

Once we have good governance in place, there is the opportunity for significant value to be added by addressing key issues like Data Quality, Lineage, Encryption and Master Data Management.


Bringing Data Science to Data Governance

Data-Driven Data Governance

Our unique approach to delivering data governance focuses on driving meaningful outputs rather than just data extracts and more alerts than you can handle.

Nephos Smart Data Governance leverages data science techniques to drive greater accuracy, fewer false positives and business intelligence over your data risk profile.

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