Bringing Data Science to Data Governance

Bringing Data Science to Data Governance

Drive greater visibility and control over your critical data assets

Nephos Technologies Smart Data Governance

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In this webinar, our Co-Founder: Lee Biggenden will be providing an introduction in to Nephos Technologies' SmartData Governance service.

Enforcing data governance controls across a sprawling data landscape continues to be a challenge for most organisations.  For many, there are too many toolsets in place, that are not designed to meet the needs of today's data-rich environments.

Our SmartData Governance service provides key benefits to its consumers, namely:

  • Rationalisation of tools and a single-window into your data governance position
  • Improved accuracy through the use of data science techniques
  • Reduced operational burden and automated enforcement of governance controls
  • Full visibility into structured, unstructured cloud and on-premise data sets
  • Faster response times for compliance requests such as DSAR

In this webinar, Nephos Co-Founder: Lee Biggenden, will be discussing some of the challenges that our customers experience when it comes to data governance, as well as providing an introduction to Nephos' SmartData Governance service.